The 15 Minute Post Lockdown Workout To Get Back On Track At The Gym

Taken some time off over lockdown? This workout will help get back into the swing of things!  This 15-minute workout is the salvation for any soreness after taking some time off from working out. With the help of this workout, you’ll move your entire body to enhance blood flow, with some gentle cardio thrown in to flush out the recent lockdown feasts.

Give yourself the full 15 minutes to complete the following sequence twice. Remember: slowly but surely wins the race to a full recovery.

1. Lateral Lunge – 5 reps per side

How to:

  • Your first challenge is to stand up.
  • With your feet wide apart and your chest up, put a slight bend in your knees and hips.
  • Staying low, step to your left and shift your weight in that direction.
  • Keep your chest and head high.
  • Pause at the bottom, then push off the bent leg to return to the starting position and proceed straight into a lunge to your right.
  • Alternate sides.
  • Don’t fall over.


2. Skip – 30 seconds

How to:

  • Pick up your rope as quickly as possible and start skipping.
  • Trust us: you want a measured, sustainable pace here.
  • Keep your elbows tucked in by your sides and try to rotate with your wrists, rather than at your elbows.
  • Don’t look down at your feet.
  • Keep your head and eyes up – it will stop you tripping on the rope, even as you start to tire at the end of your 30 seconds.


3. Plank Get-Up – 8 reps

How to:

  • You should be blowing a bit now, and that’s good: it’s a sign that you’re purging your soul of all of that sangria.
  • Set up in a plank position, with your feet and elbows on the floor, your core tight and your back flat.
  • Push up onto one hand, then the other, into a high plank, with your arms straight and under your shoulders.
  • Reverse the move to the ground and repeat seven times.


4. Skip (Again) – 30 seconds

How to:

  • If you’re new to skipping, focus on getting through the 30 seconds without getting in a tangle.
  • With a relaxed grip on the handles, rep away until your timer sounds – counting your reps can make you tense up as you approach your previous best mark.
  • If you’re a dab hand at this, upgrade your efforts to double-unders.


5. Elevated Push-Up – 20 reps

How to:

  • Select a raised surface and get into a press-up position, with your index fingers and thumbs forming a diamond.
  • Slowly lower yourself, pause at the bottom, then flex your chest to power back up.
  • Give yourself 30 seconds’ rest before restarting the circuit from the top.
  • Then, feel justified in ordering your mid-morning sharpener.