When do you need to hire a car accident lawyer

How To Really Handle Your Own Auto Case 

I hate it when other attorneys say they are going to talk about how to handle your own case and then spend the entire time telling you why you need a lawyer. So my promise to you is that I am going to spend 4 paragraphs telling you when and why you should use a lawyer for your personal injury automobile accident.

Then, knowing some of you will still go forward with handling your own personal injury case (and in some cases you are probably better off doing so!), I will tell you at a basic level what you must be doing to help your case. You should not rely on anything in this article as legal advice. Every claim is different and may involve different legal issues. Rather, this article gives you some To-Do’s for setting up and handling your case in terms of gathering evidence and conducting yourself.


Why/When You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

Let’s be honest. The only reason you are thinking about handling you own case is because you do not want to pay an attorney a portion of the funds you receive, typically a third. If an attorney was free, there would never be a question in your mind as to whether you are better off with an attorney representing you against the insurance company.

So then, your decision is ultimately based on the question: Does retaining an attorney increase the value of my case to such an extent to justify the attorney’s fee?

You need a car accident lawyer if:

  • You Were Injured In A Car Accident – No matter how severe or minor you think it is, if you were injured in a car accident, you need to hire a lawyer to protect your rights.
  • If The Other Party Was Injured – A lawyer can also help protect you from claims made by other parties who may have been injured in a car accident.
  • There Was A Significant Amount Of Property Damage – While a few dings or a “fender bender” may not amount to a high dollar claim, some collisions can cost tens of thousands of dollars in damages even if there are no injuries.
  • When An Insurance Company Contacts You About A Collision – Even if you don’t think a collision is likely to be costly or involve an injury and even if the car accident is not your fault, if you are contacted by an insurance agency, it’s time to consider hiring a car accident attorney.