How To Plan A Workout Schedule For Building Muscle

Working out and lifting weights is a great way to not only build muscle, but also to receive beneficial exercise that your body needs.

There are many different workout schedules you can choose from; they all depend on preference, whether you want to workout five days a week, one day a week, workout to build muscle, or to stay lean. If building muscle, you should stay within the 8 to 10 repetitions, doing around 2 to 3 sets of each exercise. If you want to stay lean, then you want to do from 12 to 15 repetitions with 2 sets of each exercise. Rest is a really important factor when it comes to lifting weights and building muscle. Lifting weights breaks down muscle tissue and the rest portion of the workout is for the muscle to regain their tissue. You really do not need to workout daily or on back to back days as this can do more harm than good when it comes to building muscle.

The actual workout schedule is also based on preference as well. If you want to do everything in one day, that’s one way to workout. You want to start off with your lower body and work your way to your upper body. So starting with legs, you would probably do some type of squats, leg press, leg extensions, and calf raises. For building muscle, you do not want a disproportionate body; for example, having more muscular legs than upper body or vice versa. Many people do not like working their legs out as much as they need to so just keep that in mind.

Next, you should move onto your back. Back exercises can consist of wide pull-ups, and some type of pull-down. This is a huge muscle group as you have many different muscles in your back. After your back, chest is next up with the famous bench press and wide push-ups. Shoulders and arms should follow respectively. These muscle groups are pretty simplistic to workout just because of the ease of exercises.

This exercise routine is for one day. You should take a rest day consisting of a goodnight’s sleep and also some form of cardiovascular exercise such as running or bicycling. This workout schedule can also be split up where you do legs on one day, rest day, and then another lifting day, followed by a rest day, lifting day.