9 Best Drinks To Fight Arthritis And Joint Pain


Joint pain, especially in the knees, is a blight on your day. Whether caused by arthritis, injury, or repetitive stress, your joints are so critical to every movement you make that it is near impossible to feel comfortable. Painkillers, either OTC or doctor prescribed, can help. But these come with a host of side effects that may just be swapping one pain for another.

But what if there was a natural remedy you could sip on throughout the day?

Get ready, because we have not one, but nine different beverages that can help wipe out your pain without any side effects.

It all comes down to reducing inflammation, which is the ultimate source of most joint discomfort. When you consume anti-inflammatory substances in liquid form, it has the added benefit of improving hydration in your body. Getting enough to drink is critical for keeping joints lubricated and blood flow healthy.We’re getting thirsty, so let’s dive into the list. Which one will you be trying first?

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