Target Exercise for Thick Biceps

As the name implies it, the biceps consists of two heads: long and short head. The former constructs the outer portion of the muscle, while the latter is located in the inner section of the muscle, providing its thickness. The thickness of the biceps is what give them the impressive look when our arms are supinated, and create the bulge when we flex the arm. This head can be efficiently targeted with the high cable curl. Stand in the centre of a cable machine, grab each of the handles attached to the high pulleys with your palms up. Your arms should be extended so that the body forms the letter T. Curl the handles toward your ears, by bending your arms only at the elbows. Maintain this position for a second, flexing your biceps hard, and slowly return to the starting position.

“INNER CIRCLE” –  Biceps Workout

Barbell curls: sets 3-4, reps 8-10

Incline dumbbell curls: sets 3-4, reps 8-10

High cable curls: sets 3-4, reps 8-10

The Timing

The high cable curl exercise very has strict movements, and it’s difficult to cheat. You should limit the weight you are lifting, because heavier weights might tempt you in using your shoulders and chests as a support. Because of this, do heavier exercises like barbell and dumbbell curls before engaging into high curl exercise, to make the most of the overload you place on the biceps. Do the high cable curl to finish off your fatigued muscles.

The Function

Both heads originate from the shoulder blade. While the long head starts at the back of the scapula, the short head starts at its front. The two head unite to form a single tendon that is attached to the radius providing for the flexion (barbell curls), and supination (dumbbell curls).  By placing your arms are in front of the body or out to the sides when doing curls, you put greater focus on the short head.