Supplements: Are They A Benefit Or Waste Of Time?

This is a question on many people’s mind, at least the health minded ones. This depends to whom you talk to, or better still to whom you listen to. If you ask your doctor you probably see a big smirk on his face and shrugs of his shoulders as to your question. There are many who have tried supplements without any effect for better health. The first reaction: This stuff is of no use, like a similar response you would get from most doctors.

There are a number of supplements you can take to improve many problems. However, just because the many types of supplements, juices and mineral-vitamin drinks widely available, doesn’t mean that they are all the same quality. Although, choosing a high-quality version will make a huge difference in its effect.

Danger in Supplements

There are more than 95% of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant supplements sold in local supermarkets, health and food stores, made by pharmaceutical companies. The very same pharmaceutical and chemical companies who make conventional drug medicine are supplying most manufacturers to ‘produce’ vitamins and minerals, most of them made from synthetics and not natural ingredients. This is like Dracula being in charge of the blood bank.

Knowing the danger of synthetics: Avoid synthetic isolates at all cost! By purchasing supplements at discount stores you will be short-charging yourself because they typically use cheap synthetic isolates where only profit margins matter to them. There is a risk by just choosing at random and hoping that some variety of vitamin pills be of some help; this can have just a reverse effect.

As an example: We know that calcium plays an important role in bone health, which is correct. We need calcium in our diet, but sadly most people are getting almost no benefit from this calcium they are taking. In actual fact, it can make it worse and dangerous according to alarming new research; wrong supply of calcium points to increased heart attack risk and more. The same applies to many other products just purchased at random without having all your facts right.

Natural Ingredients

Not all forms of supplements made equal, far from it. A Dietary supplement is to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in a normal daily diet. Such as a botanical dietary supplement that comes from a plant or plants that include herbal health products and have a variety of herbs as well as nutrients, vitamins and minerals. As well botanical amino acid, enzymes, nitric oxide and a powerful mix of selected super-fruits, not only two or three, at least over a dozen or so, in a liquid form for easy absorption. In this mix it includes the right amount of calcium as mentioned before and the ever so important omega-3 oils and fats.

Such a mixture of ingredients becomes the powerhouse of our bodies health which we need daily.

If, then a supplement is of benefit and value for your health and well-being in general. Despite of this the product must have the meaning of value that you can trust for the money you pay for. At heart, you’re purchasing something of value that you can trust to help improve your health.

Power of Supplements!

To take control of your health may sound like an unambiguous goal, but is achievable. It is blatantly obvious from so much evidence and research that health depends on good natural nutrition. Although, it is not as easy to do as you may think it is, and this is where the main problem lies. Consistency of variety of things our body needs daily is not available in our way of life, in a normal diet and in general the food we eat.

Our health is directly related to what we do or don’t do. When we’re not working up to par our health will become limited, especially as we age. We have all the options to help lower the risk of chronic diseases but many are not aware, or just ignoring this fact.

Supplementation on its own is not going to solve all your problems, unless you become fully aware of the diet you are on. There are many supplements available, but only a few that tick all boxes. That means, a product that’s been developed and made by scientists that include all the nutrients the body needs, not only to stay healthy also to nurse the body back to normal health.

Some time in 1998 scientists been awarded the Nobel prize in physiology for their discoveries of “Nitric Oxide”, an important molecule in the cardiovascular system.

When taking a supplement that also means to continue taking it; it is by no means a short-term thing. On a personal note: I’m taking the same supplement for over ten years, every day. It is the best health insurance one can have, no need for other medication, and less trips to the doctor. Age does not matter. I’m over eighty years of age and I am as fit today as I was fifteen or even twenty years ago. My exercise is walking and staying active.

Where the biggest problem comes from: We are surrounded by processed food that has no natural, nutritional value and is slowly but surely affecting our health. If you have been on a supplement and not getting any results from, processed food may have been the reason, or the supplement was of poor quality.

Rules you can follow: Select the right supplement, take it daily, be active and avoid most processed foods.