Pump up Your Biceps With This Intense Workout

Pump up Your Biceps With This Intense Workout

Training your biceps doesn’t need to be too complicated. This means you don’t need to use multiple sets and large volume. We’ll show you how you can hit your biceps hard with only 6 sets and make it grow. If done right, this workout will be intense enough, even too much for some individuals. We will do two exercises in total, and an optional third exercise (that you probably won’t need). The rest times between sets should be 1 to 1.5 minutes, with one minute being the optimal rest time.

The Exercises 

We will go directly to “Scott bench biceps curls” and leave out the well known “Standing biceps curl” this time.  Why is that ? Well, when doing the “Standing biceps curl”, front delts tend to take some of the load and do some work lift the bar. This may not seem like a big deal, but when doing high repetitions (30-40 reps) there is a very good chance that you won’t be able to complete the set because of the burn in your shoulders. This will most certainly happen if you are training your biceps right after chest or shoulders. If you can handle it, use the straight bar, but if you have issues with your wrists it’s ok to use the EZ bar.

Exercise 1: Scott bench biceps curls


Set 1

After the warm up, pick a weight which you can curl for at least 25 reps. Now start and do  30 reps with that weight after which you will increase the weight.

When doing high reps there is a well known sensation of “burning” in the muscle being worked. Picking a weight that is too heavy will make the burning unbearable and increase the chance of an injury as well. That’s why you need to be sure you choose a light enough weight so you can complete all the needed repetitions.

Set 2

For this set increase the weight so that you can do a minimum of 15 reps. Start your set and try to do 20 reps with that weight. If you can do 25 reps.

Set 3

For the final set pick a weight that allows you to do only 10 reps. If you can’t complete 10 reps pick a lighter weight.

Exercise 2 : Seated Dumbbell Curl

In this exercise we won’t be increasing the weight on every new set, instead we will pick a weight which we can curl 15 good reps and use that weight for 3 sets. If you can do more, that’s fine. Increase the weight a bit. If you cannot do the target 15 reps, then lower your weight.


This exercise will work your forearms as well.  Be sure to use good form, don’t swing the dumbbells and don’t use momentum to curl the weight. Remember you are not training your ego. Do your three sets and carry on.

Exercise 3 (optional) : Concentrated Curl

If you still have any strength left in your biceps do a bit of concentrated curls. You may wonder why we left this popular biceps exercise last ? Well, to be honest it’s because you don’t really need it in this workout. Your arms will be already burning after the first two exercises that you won’t be able to complete the third one. But if you still insist, go ahead and do two more sets of 15 reps (of course pick a weight that allows you to do 15 reps). Just experiment and see how it feels.


Do you need a challenge ?

Try doing the Scott bench curls with a bit heavier weights. Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps to failure. Then on your second and third exercise try doing very high reps. I’m talking about 50 reps per set. Don’t worry, you won’t get “extra shredded“. Like always, watch your form. No use of doing 50 reps if you’re going to swing and throw the weights around. This high rep technique is ideal when you are super-setting the biceps with the triceps. The pump in the arms will be unbelievable. Just experiment and see for yourself.