Add Size To Your Biceps with 21s Bicep Curls

One of the most effective and best ways to add new muscle mass and shock your biceps is the barbell curl 21’s exercise. You’ll be amazed by the pump you’ll get as well as how painful this exercise is.

What are 21s bicep curls?

The 21s biceps curls is a powerful compound bicep exercise which maximizes the time under tension and provides an incredible pump in the biceps. It is actually a technique involving partial reps with a weight of about 50 percent of your 10 rep max. You should add this exercise as a finishing move at the end of your workout.

21s bicep curls execution

Each set of this exercise is performed with exactly 21 repetitions divided into three segments of 7 reps.

The first 7 reps are done in a way, so that the forearms only come up to a position where they are parallel to the floor – a partial or half-rep.

The range of motion for the next 7 reps is from the position described above (forearms parallel to the floor.) until you get to the final curl position (biceps fully contracted). When lowering the weight you only go down till the forearms are parallel to the floor again.

The last 7 reps will be the hardest to complete and this is where you do 7 full reps – from the lowest position and fully extended biceps – to the highest position where the biceps is fully contracted.

You should try adding 2-3 of these sets in your arm workout with rest periods no longer than 2 minutes. Here are some guidelines on how to perform the exercise.

– Stand upright with the grip on the barbell slightly greater than the width of you shoulders.

– The elbows should be touching your the sides of your abs and should not be separated from your body during the execution of the exercise.

– The first 7 reps should be performed from a fully extended biceps position to a position where the hands will create an angle of 90 degrees.

– The second 7 reps the bar should come up to a point where it’s a couple of inches in front of your shoulders. When you lower the weight go down to a point where your arms form a 90 degrees angle again (forearms parallel to the floor).

– Then make 7 full repetitions and complete the set.

During the execution of 21s bicep curls exercise your body should be in an upright position at all times and you should not jerk the weight. In order to be able to complete 21 clean repetitions you need to lower the weight you usually lift. Don’t make this an ego exercise.

Besides a barbell you can also use dumbbells, depending on your possibilities and preference.