Do Not Waste Your Time Building Chest Muscles

Three Great Ways for Building Chest Muscles
If you’re in the game of building chest muscles then you don’t want to waste your time with doing the wrong exercises
It is important to find the best exercises that will help you reach your goal
There are 3 great exercises to use when building chest muscles

They are the bench press, the dumbbell bench press and
They are simple yet very effective.
Don’t waste time by working out on exercise machines.
Use free weights and your own body to achieve the best results

The Bench Press

The Bench Press

If you have any shoulder problems then you need to skip this exercise
But if this is not the case then doing bench presses is great
When you are doing the bench press your triceps and front deltoids are being most affected because they are doing the lifting
But you also want to work your pectoral muscles
To accomplish this you can spread your elbows further out on the bar and when lowering the bar bring it to a higher position on your chest
Do not lower the bar to your neck area because this can lead to shoulder problems
The Push-Up

The Push-Up

One of the most basic and effective exercises is the push up
When doing a push-up you are working your pectoral muscles and the deltiod muscles.
For a beginner, make sure you do the push up correctly by assuring your body stays in a straight line when you raise and lower yourself.
For the more advanced lifters you can perform push-ups on raised positions such as push-up handles, dumbbells or roman chairs.
You can build more resistance by placing weights on your back.
The Dumbbell Bench Press

The Dumbbell Bench Press

You can do this exercise on a flat bench or an incline bench
Use the dumbbells in varying positions
Have the palms of your hands pointed down towards the ground or you can have your palms facing in towards your body

You can choose one or both of these methods
Duration of Training
You should limit your sessions to 30 to 45 minutes
Do not go over this time limit because the results will not be beneficial
Plan on working out 3 to 4 days a week
You can do 15-20 sets for each session
To also help your workouts mix up your routine at least monthly
Boredom is a big factor for causing people to drop out
To determine the amount of weight to lift will depend on your condition and strength
For building chest muscles you always want to keep increasing the weight level
You will need to perform heavy lifting in order to have success building chest muscles
Feeding For Weight Training
You can’t be eating like you are on a diet if you’re building chest muscles
You have to be consuming the proper amount of calories from carbohydrates and protein
Protein builds mass muscle
Muscle mass will burn calories whereas fat does not burn calories
You have to determine what and how much to eat during weight training by using a good food guide
A good food guide will show you what are the proper food types to eat and when you should eat
Maintain Your Records
When building chest muscles make sure you record your work out times and how much weight you are lifting
This is needed to let you know how you are progressing
If you do not see any progress being made then you are
probably not working out hard enough
Then it is time to step up your workouts
Develop a proper mindset and determination
The only drawback is you’re going to need some bigger shirts