Become a Fat-Burning Machine by Following These 5 Simple Tips

Thousands of different diets on the Internet can not only give you a headache from all the conflicting information, even if you do decide on trying one, it will give you short-term results. Some can even make you fatter than you were. They aren’t the best choice because they don’t provide the necessary nutrients and don’t provide enough calories for the proper functioning of your body.

There’s a way you can get slimmer faster and healthier and you can do that by following the guidelines listed below:

1. Spot hidden calories and eliminate them

In order to get shredded successfully you should know exactly how many calories you are consuming daily, so another important part of the process is learning to spot hidden calories mostly found in protein shakes, alcohol and soft drinks. The way you do it is by reading the nutrition label on every product you buy and learn how many calories you are consuming exactly, because calories ingested from liquids won’t make you feel full and stave off your cravings.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has issued a study saying that 37% of the daily calorie consumption of the average American comes from drinks sweetened with sugar that are horrible for your fitness and overall health. If you do want to consume sweet products, choose some healthy alternatives like raw fruits which are full of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Also, because they are whole products they will make you full, making your cutting easier.

2. Drink Cold Water

There are multiple reasons why you should drink enough water. First, it will boost your training and will make you burn more fat while you are training. Second, it helps you with cutting because it increases metabolism. On study has shown that drinking two cups of cold water increases your metabolism by 40% within 40 minutes after you drank it.

One might ask why cold instead of warm? The answer is because drinking cold water makes your body increase its temperature so that the water can be absorbed into your bloodstream. In order to raise the temperature the body uses calories to heat water to the temperature it needs to absorb it, which it wouldn’t do if you drank warm water.

3. Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Intermittent fasting is a concept incorporated in various types of diets in which periods of fasting are alternated with a period of non-fasting. One simple variation is not eating for at least 12 hours a day, and then decide on a short time interval within 24 hours in which you will eat all of your daily calories. Those are willing to test their will and determination can extend the fasting period from 16 to 20 hours. You might be wondering how this could help you in your weight loss pursuit.

A study discovered that if you are not consuming food for an extended period of time you can increase fat oxidation, which basically means that you can burn more fat even if you eat the same quantity of food only crammed in a smaller time interval. That way you can burn fat, but you’ll still be able to consume enough calories to fuel high-intensity training sessions.