Top 4 Exercises For Massive Legs!

“Got wheels? ” The legs are the pride and joy of every bodybuilder. Having striated quadriceps, bulging hamstrings and wide calves is testament to a strict and maniacal work ethic. Who wouldn’t like to be known for that? In this article we are going to look at some of the most effective leg exercises that will completely transform your lower body and have everyone gasping when you wear some shorts.

Top 4 Exercises For Massive Legs!


1 – Stiff Legged Dead lifts: By far one of the most popular hamstring exercise is the stiff leg deadlift. It is an extremely effective hamstring workout that emphasises stretching the hamstring muscle in the movement and I can personally attest to the significant gains that I have obtained from using this exercise. It must be said that the rounded back form that one has to take during the movement is less than ideal so I would definitely recommend wearing a weightlifting belt to stabilise your back during the exercise. However it must be said that stiff legged dead lifts really do the job with aplomb.


1. Squats: The squat is one of the most famous leg exercises but conversely, it’s also one of the most dreaded. Many a trainee have lost their lunches on a squat day and while I haven’t personally barfed from the squat, I’ve been close to the edge several times. My favourite variation of the squat is the front squat which is significantly more difficult than the regular back squat.

Leg press: In my opinion, the leg press is a less effective version of the squat. However, I do acknowledge its importance where injury or restricted mobility is concerned. It is definitely beneficial in situations where the regular squat cannot be performed for one reason or another. I always recommend full range of motion and moderately heavy weights on the leg press as I see many trainees load up hundreds upon hundreds of kilos on the leg press machine which restricts their range of motion as they simply don’t have the conditioning and the strength to move that kind of weight efficiently. Please do not make this error. Not only will you waste energy achieving nothing, you may even hurt yourself.


Calf raises: The calf raise is the single most effective exercise for building the calf muscles. I don’t bother with any other exercise because I believe that the calf raise is all you need. I do it on a platform with the soles of my feet hanging off of the platform. I find that this gives me a greater range of motion and allows me to work the entire calf muscle effectively.

Stick to these exercises and do them diligently and I promise you, your legs will begin to pop. A lot of these exercises such as the squats require heavyweights and minimal reps. I always recommend that you consult an expert who knows what they are doing when it comes to performing these exercises to prevent injury and possible disability.