5 Exercises to Build Chest Muscle Fast

We all know that the ladies love a guy with a great chest, so let’s find a way to turn that flabby chest into rock solid and chiseled Pecs that are sure to drive a girl crazy. If you follow the exercises outlined below, then I promise you that you will start to notice results within the first 2 weeks and if you keep it up, you’ll have built chest muscles so fast that you’ll look like a brand new man. Now on to the exercises.

 Exercises Chest

Flat Bench Press – This is by far the most popular exercise in the gym, and for good reason. Although too many people forget that you actually need to put some weight on the bar before you start lifting, if you really want to build chest muscle fast then this is the way to do it. You can use barbell and dumbbells for best results.

Incline Bench Press – This one will really create the shape in the upper portion of your Pecs that will help them stand out even with a shirt on. Make sure to integrate this into your weekly gym routine.

Cable Flyes – Give up on the machine flyes and go with the cable or a dumbbell for best results. The great thing about flyes is that they work an entirely different part of your chest than most bench presses, so you will see and feel the results very quickly.

Decline Bench – Many people ignore this bench at the gym, and they make a huge mistake in doing so. This rounds out the bottom portion of your chest and will not only help you build chest muscle fast, but will make your waist line look smaller in the process.

Pushups – Do pushups after a set on the bench and watch your body respond by growing massive amounts of chest muscle fast. This is a great way to finish your chest off at the end of a workout and really test your own limits. If you want to build chest muscle fast, then you have to be willing to test and push beyond your normal limits.