Upper Back Exercises | Beginners’ Guides To A V-shaped Body

Upper Back Exercises : Step By Step Walk Thru Guide

If there is no strong and solid upper back, then no matter how you practice, it will not let you look strong. Upper back exercises are essential to achieve a V-shaped body. We will share the methods for beginners to train their upper back muscles. However, any exercise should be gradual and consistent over the time. Warm up your body with some upper back stretches first and start from the basic exercises and move on to advanced level after 3 months and for sure others will be jealous looking at your body when you walking on the beach under the sun, wearing T-shirt or topless !

Below are the training programs for upper back exercises. Practice at least once a week.


1. Always consult your practitioners if you have medical history on your back before start the  exercises.

2. Increase the load gradually on incline barbell. It may cause injury to your waist if the weight increase is too fast or drastic.

3. The last 3 upper back exercises must be loaded with correct weight where feeling of exhaustion should exist after end of 12 reps of each set. Only then the exercises will be effective.

Here goes.

1. Wide Grip Rows

Sitting on the instrument with hands grip widely on the equipment arms. Pull the arms to the lower chest position and release slowly to its origin place.

Wide Grip Rows

2. Bend Over Barbell LiftBending down body in frontward position. Bend your knees slightly. With 2 hands distance slightly wider than your shoulder, hold the barbell tightly. Raise the barbell to the abdomen area and slowly put it back to its origin position.

Bend Over Barbell Lift

3. One-arm Dumbbell RowGrip dumbbell in one hand and the other hand hold on to support. Raise the dumbbells up to, or parallel, to the chest level. Gradually put back to its origin position.

One-arm Dumbbell Row

4.  Pull-down ExercisesGrip the lever with both hands at wide position. Pull to collarbone level. Slowly release it back to its origin position. This exercise makes your upper back stretches to train for  a stronger back muscles.

Pull-down Exercises

There are many other types of upper back exercises available in the market, some can only be carried out in the gym using advanced instruments and some may just require few dumbbells to carry out those exercises at home. Depends on the users preferences, the methods shared here are some common exercises for beginners and hope this helps.