Too Busy for the Gym? Try These 6 Bodyweight Exercises!

Are you too busy to go to the gym? Do you want to get ripped and lose those extra pounds?

Being physically active is easier than you think. You don’t even need a gym membership to keep fit and healthy!

There are plenty of exercises that require nothing but your own body weight.

This includes push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, pistol squats, skater squats, hanging leg raises and much more.

6 bodyweight exercises you can do almost anywhere

You can do these in your house, in a nearby park, even room. When combined with a clean diet, bodyweight exercises can help you pack on muscle and get in shape in no time!

 1. Pull-Ups

This classic move hits every muscle in your body, including your biceps, triceps, back, and abs.

It’s one of the best exercises for back and arms. You can do pull-ups anywhere to get more balanced and build muscle.

Once you become familiar with this exercise, try different variations to make it more challenging.

For example, you can perform a leg lift with each rep, change your grip, or wear ankle weights.

If you can’t do pull-ups, inverted rows are a great alternative.

2. Push-Ups


Whether you want a stronger chest, bigger arms, or full body conditioning, add this exercise to your workout routine!

The push-up hits your chest, shoulders, triceps, trapezius and many other muscles.

It also increases cardiovascular endurance, strengthens your core, and helps improve your balance.

You can try classic push-ups, inverted push-ups, plyometric push-ups and other variations.

3. Prisoner Squat

The prisoner squat works your legs, glutes, calves, back, arms, and core.

It’s one of the best bodyweight exercises out there. In this squat variation, you should place your fingers on the back of your head.

Pull your shoulders and elbows back. Do up to 15 squats in a row. Repeat four times.

This exercise works the core as hard as your legs.

4. Bulgarian Split Squats

The Bulgarian split squat is one of the most effective bodyweight exercises for quads and glutes.

This movement not only builds muscle strength, but it also improves hip mobility.

When you do this exercise, your legs should be placed in a split position instead of together.

The Bulgarian split squat hits your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. It also promotes maximal gains in size and strength.

5. Inverted Rows

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Want more attention on the beach this summer? Do inverted rows!

This bodyweight exercise will help you get a bigger back and wider shoulders.

It also works your biceps better than any curl variation out there.

For optimal results, do this exercise along with push-ups a few times a week.

6. Burpees

Considered the toughest exercises you can do with no equipment, burpees hit all major muscles, including your legs, abs, and shoulders.

This full body exercise is versatile and can be done anywhere.

Research indicates that burpees burn up to 50 percent more calories than moderate intensity cardio.

They  increase your metabolic rate, build muscle, and make you stronger. Burpees are the ultimate example of functional fitness.

If you want to get in shape quickly, this exercise should be part of your workout routine.