Three Simple Exercises To Work Your Lower Abdominals!

In our society, looks matter greatly, no matter how much we would like to deny it. We must accept it and do what we can do look good.

Good looking abs get noticed and exercising your lower abs is a great way to improve your appearance and be more fit.

There are legions of lower ab exercises you could find on the internet, at your local bookstore, or from a fitness trainer at your local gym, but here are 3 lower ab exercises to get you started.

Exercises To Work Your Lower Abdominals!

1. One of the great lower ab exercises is done by extending the arms while holding a bungee or cable handle down to the left side. Bringing the cable up and away in a chopping motion while keeping your feet still and rotating your trunk will exercise your lower abs well. This motion should be repeated as many times as you feel is working your lower abs to a desired effect.

2. Another fantastic lower ab exercise is completed by lying on the floor with your belly up and extending your feet in the air. Keep your head in a neutral position and keep some space in between your chin and your chest. With your chin and chest leading the way, reach to your opposite foot while contracting your abs and raising your shoulders off the floor. Repeat this exercise as you do with other lower ab exercises, until you feel the goal has been reached.

3. The last of the fast lower ab exercises is basically an extended sit up that is achieved by lying flat with knees bent and hands behind the head (completely out of sight). As if your chin was magnetically attracted to the sky, lift up slightly and hold a position that contracts your lower abs to your desired amount of time. Repeat as needed to work your lower abs.

Understand that lower ab exercises sometimes seem overly easy, but they can be deceiving.

Don’t overdo your lower ab exercises as you can injure your back and neck so just be wary of your comfort level throughout the process.