The Total Body Conditioning Workout

If you’re somebody who wants to push your body to the ultimate limits, and reach the absolute maximum physical potential that your body has, then you want to focus on total body conditioning. Not only does total body conditioning focus on providing you with incredibly strong muscles, but it also has a strong focus on building up your cardiovascular endurance to the extreme.

A large part of total body conditioning is going to consist of carrying out a high number of repetitions in your weight training sessions. These repetitions are going to push your body beyond any of the physical limitations that you previously thought you had, and not only that, they will also push past any mental limitations that you might have previously had in place.

When you take part in a total body conditioning training program, carrying out the high repetition weight training is going to bring out the absolute best in you both mentally and physically. After you have completed the program successfully, you’ll not have any fear of taking on any situation that life puts in front of you due to the fact that you will have reached a level of body and mind conditioning that will make you tough as nails. You will feel unstoppable.

25 Repetitions Workout

The following information is going to provide you with some workouts that you can do which will push you beyond your limits and provide you with killer results:

The program is going to start by picking an exercise for each of the following muscle groups; your back, chest, shoulders, legs, abs, triceps, and biceps. In order to get going, you’re going to perform 25 repetitions of the first of your exercises, and then without resting, carry on to the next exercise and perform another 25 reps, and then repeat until you have worked all the way through the exercises without resting. When you have completed the initial circuit of the seven different exercises, you will then be able to take a few minutes rest, and then carry on with another circuit. In total, you’re going to want to complete four circuits which will entail you doing 100 repetitions for each of the seven exercises total.