The dumbbell core workout plan for a solid core

Get a strong core and build a rock-hard six pack with this dumbbell core workout.

By now everyone knows that the best way to correctly build a six pack is putting big focus on exercise and even bigger focus on diet. Having a clean diet regime and carrying lower fat percentage in your body will reward you with a great well-built physique.

Although a well-tailored diet is pretty important, you also have to put an effort when you train to get awesome six pack abs and a strong core.

For this dumbbell core workout, getting only one dumbbell will be morе than enough. And in all honesty, it is a wise decision to start out with only one, since it’s the only thing you need for a great quality workout.

By following this ab workout listed below, the statement above will be proven true. Not only is your whole core going to be thoroughly worked with a plethora of moves designed to shape your oblique muscles and your abs, but your back will benefit from this core workout as well.

All of this can be achieved with only one singular dumbbell. Also, by using the money you saved by skipping on getting an extra dumbbell, you can get to work on upgrading your home workout kit by shopping for more workout equipment. A kettlebell would be a great next step!

The dumbbell core workout plan

Onto the point of the matter. The dumbbell core workout listed below is a simple circuit workout. You need to do the following exercises in order, perform 15 reps of a lift and continue to the next one without a break in between.

When you finish with the final move, rest for 60 seconds and then repeat for six circuits in total. To make the circuit easier you may want to start with a lighter weighted dumbbell, or if you want a challenge start with a  heavier one.

Listed below is the full workout you will be doing.

Dumbbell Weight

The weight you should start out differs whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in fitness:

Beginner: 15lbs

Intermediate: 25lbs

Advanced: 33lbs

Dumbbell Swing


Reps 15 NO REST

To do this exercise you need to hold the dumbbell in both of your hands and then bend from the hips to in turn lower the weight between your legs. Afterwards push your hips forward and raise the dumbbell to your shoulder height and reverse back to the start and repeat.

This is an alternative way to do a classic kettlebell swing exercise that pretty much offers similar, if not the same, benefits. The basis of this move which is the so called hip hinge is a crucial foundational bodyweight movement that you should definitely work on refining before you start any weight training plan.

Side bend

Reps 15 NO REST

First off you need to stand up straight and hold the dumbbell in one hand. While you are keeping your chest up, lower the weight as this will hit your oblique muscles. Finish with all the reps and repeat while holding the dumbbell in the opposite hand.

To develop the obliques correctly and enough this is one of the best exercises for targeting that specific area. Most ab workouts steer towards focusing on crunches which would bring to an imbalance in definition of the muscles. Having strong obliques will provide a base of rotational strength which is crucial for players of contact sports or in manual labor jobs.

Dumbbell Woodchop


Reps 15 NO REST

While holding the dumbbell weight in both hands to one side you need to squat. Then raise the weight across your body up to head height then bring it back down again. Complete the reps and then repeat on the other side.

This is another good example of a move that targets the obliques. Not only that since this also gives you major improvement in your body’s coordination and core strength because you need to not rotate your torso while doing so.

Leg raises


Reps 10 NO REST

To do this move your starting position must be lying on the floor while having the dumbbell gripped between your ankles. At the same time you press your back flat against the floor you need to lift your legs up to an approximate 45 degree angle and then lower back down again. Repeat until all reps are finished.

As to why you should be doing this – leg raises are amazing for working out your lower abs area and your hip flexors all the while keeping a straight spine which is great for working your lower back.

Dumbbell Crunches


Reps 15 NO REST

You need to lie back flat onto the floor with your knees bent. All the while holding the dumbbell weight to your chest with both hands. Afterwards use your upper abs to raise your torso and then lower it slowly to the starting position. Repeat.

This exercise is the best way to test your fundamental core strength and at the same time provides great stimulation to the abdominal muscles. If you think you can take the challenge and up the difficulty of this exercise the only way is to add weight to it. Choose a weight that you are able to do eight to ten reps with, and then do the exercise using your abs muscles and not the hip flexors.

Russian Twist


Reps 15 Rest 60sec

Begin from the crunch position but this time keep your feet off of the ground. Then, rotate back and forth while keeping your abs braced. A rep of this consists of a twist from one side to the other.

The Russian twist is a great exercise to stimulate the upper and lower abs since it puts a giant strain on both of them while your feet are off the ground. Meanwhile the twisting movement includes the obliques which are incredibly important when stabilizing the body on heavy, strenuous compound lifts.