The Best 10-Minute Ab Workout

This is the only 10-minute ab routine you’ll ever have to do. It is that good. It is also very simple and extremely efficient. The stomach area is the first people think about when trying to lose fat and lean out. And rightly so, because this is an area where fat is deposited the most and it can be really hard to lose it.

Despite eating healthy and training regularly, most people find that this is not enough and getting rid of the fat in this area is not a simple task . The entire process can become very frustrating, but with the right diet and the right exercises, you can improve your chances of losing the stubborn fat.

It’s worth noting that doing cardio alone is not enough stimulus to lose excess fat and make strong abdominal muscles, so in this article we present you some very simple and effective exercise that should be a staple of your ab routine:

Kick crunch

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Even if it doesn’t look like much work, the kick crunch combines both abs contraction and cardio training. This variation requires proper execution, maximum focus and concentration on the muscles worked. You need to stand up and exhale to target the abs. Kick the right leg up and at the same time bring the left hand to the right toes while doing a small crunch. Repeat with the opposite leg and arm.

Butterfly crunch


Butterfly crunches

Crunches are fairly common exercise and rarely can you find someone who hasn’t tried them at least once in their life. This variation of crunches, however, has been shown to be much more efficient and taxing on the abs. The execution consists of lying on your back with knees open with the soles of the feet together.

You will find yourself in a butterfly position. Stretch your arms over your head and then move them and the knees toward each other while doing one whole crunch. Take your pelvis off the mat and hold the position for a couple of seconds. Lower the arms and feet back in a slow manner to the starting position, completing one repetition.

Oblique V-Crunch


This crunch variation is extremely fun and really defines your obliques. You need to lie on the right side, put your left hand behind your head and your right hand on the floor. Press into the right hand while you raise the legs straight off the floor, bringing the torso toward the legs. Return back to the floor slowly and complete on repetition. Ensure that you feel the obliques tightening while you flex them.

Conclusion: It is important to remember that if you want strong midsection and shredded abs, you must mind your diet, your rest intervals, and your overall training regimen. You need to execute the above exercises in 10 minutes, in one take. The rest time cannot be longer than 45 seconds. Do 10 to 20 reps for each of the exercises. Rest 45 seconds and when you are finished start all over again. Do as many cycles as possible in the 10 minute time frame. Do this workout at least twice per week and you will soon start seeing the results.