The Basics Of Dumbells And Dumbbell Workouts

Dumbbells are integral to a long term fitness and personal strengthening plan. Dumbbells are individual weights that
are best used as part of your overall fitness workout each day.

A standard but effective dumbbell exercise is generally conducted as follows. Place one dumbbell in each hand and
use you arms to lift the dumbbells up to shoulder height. Now, lower your arms down so you arms are by your side.
Repeat as many times as necessary.

You can also perform exercises for strengthening both arms, by working with one dumbbell and one arm at a time.

Dumbbells and dumbbell weights can be purchased as sets of  pairs or as a complete dumbbell set that offers many  different weight increments depending on your current fitness level and what you fitness goals are in the future.

Dumbbell Workouts

Adjustable dumbbells can be purchased for use in the home – if you want to do some quick dumbell arm workouts each day – or borrowed at fitness clubs – if you are want to use the dumbbells as part of a great fitness program that involves
treadmills, bikes, bench presses and skipping ropes.

You can usually buy dumbbells weights in 5 pound increments. This is ideal for people on a long term
training program because it means that they can purchase weights that match their strength level as they improve
their fitness.

Dumbbells and dumbbell weights come in many different colors, designs, textures, and materials so you can
purchase dumbbells to suit your own personal style and to match the decor of your fitness area at home.

If you want to set up a home display then you should probably opt for chrome or cast iron dumbbells which are
simple, easy to use, and attractive. You can also choose rubber encasing because it will minimize noise and the
potential for floor damage if you accidentally drop a dumbbell during your dumbell workouts.

Chrome dumbbells are the most popular type of dumbbells for home use.

If you are serious about your ongoing fitness program then you can also purchase a dumbbell rack for storing your
dumbbell set.

Without a rack, your dumbbells will clutter up your fitness room by taking up unnecessary floor space because you can
store your dumbbells vertically or horizontally away from the walk through areas.

The type of rack you purchase ultimately depends on the type of dumbbell set you purchase. Similarly the type of
dumbbell set your purchase depends on your height, weight, body type, and fitness level and your level of strength.