Six-Packs Are Not Made in The Gym; They Are Made in the Kitchen!

Six-Packs Are Not Made in The Gym; They Are Made in the Kitchen!

One of the most frequently asked fitness-related questions on the Internet is how to get six-pack shredded abs. Most people assume the way you get them is by hard training. And they’re wrong. You don’t get a six-pack by doing endless sets of crunches or sit-ups hours on end. You get them by following a proper diet regimen on a regular basis.

Working out in the gym usually lasts one or two hours, but eating proper food consistently is what some people would call a full-time job. Your abs may already be defined but they won’t be visible if you’ve accumulated a layer of fat over them. The way you make them visible is by decreasing your overall body fat percentage and the way to do that is by taking care of your diet.

As we said, training can make them bigger and more defined, but it is proper eating that will shed the fat and ultimately reveal the abs. You may think that training in the gym is the hard part but it’s actually the easier part, because you can spend more time to prepare your meals for the day beforehand and it can be even harder to eat them at the right time and in the right amount.

Every diet’s success relies on two important factors, the first is make a diet plan suited to your needs and the second is making it suited to your lifestyle where you’ll be able to stick to it as consistently as possible. Some people manage to maintain low body fat year round and some get shredded for a certain time period. Both need discipline and motivation to achieve it.

Fitness models spend lots of time preparing their meals and plan their diet weeks ahead. In this article, we present you a few strategies so you can get lean and shredded as fast and healthy as possible.

You should have a goal

It is a great strategy to set an exact goal of what you really want to achieve. And the more precise it is, the better. No matter if it’s a precise date or body fat percentage, you should always make sure to have a clear goal in mind, because it will keep your mind focused, help with long-term planning and keep you motivated.

Some people take longer to achieve their fitness goals, some do it quicker, but the important thing to remember is not to rush anything and try going step by step in a gradual process, which will help you lose fat and preserve muscle mass at the same time.

Don’t make it more complicated than it really is

After you set a precise time period for your diet, you need to start planning the meals in your diet regimen. You should always make sure that the meals can be easy and simple to prepare, so you can save time and be more efficient.  Hardly anyone can spend half his day cooking delicacies you don’t need. Just keep it simple and nutritious and you will save time.

Put priority on high-protein foods like chicken breast, tuna, eggs; complex carbs such as rice, oats, veggies and healthy fats. You can make lots of combinations with these ingredients and they are very easy to prepare and cheap. If you keep it simple, you will find it easier to be consistent and disciplined with your diet.

You should prepare your meals ahead

Most people have busy lifestyles, either working full-time or studying, which makes it necessary to prepare your meals for that day ahead. When dieting it is very convenient that you put your meals in plastic tupperware so that you have them at your side whenever you are going somewhere, whether it’s work or traveling.

You can schedule a day, for example, Sunday, when you cook an amount of food that will last you the entire week. Give it a try. You will immediately notice the benefits and be surprised at how easy and effective it is.

Maintain your focus

This may be the hardest part, but it is absolutely essential that you try to minimize partying and going out or ditch them out altogether. They will the biggest hindrances to the process. During the dieting period make sure you are focusing on your goal and stay at home. Remember the end goal of all of this and keep in mind that long-term goals are more important than immediate gratification.

Avoid drinking alcohol, partying, staying up late, smoking, eating fast food or any hard physical work. You should be staying at home and focusing on the end result. Avoid distractions and remain focused. Try to keep your motivation elevated by always visualizing the end result in your mind, how you will look and how you will feel after you have achieved it.