Hygiene Worries In The Way Of Your Gains? Five Tips To Help Stay Clean And Healthy!

As you may have heard by now, the coronavirus is spreading, mainly in the media, but also in real world. You, as an avid gym-goer, might think: “should I go to the gym and risk getting infected with the coronavirus?” The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem and depends on a range of circumstances.

The short answer, is to be sensible and avoid visiting public spaces when possible in these troublesome times. This is the perfect time to workout at home using the best home gym equipment or even to try a basic bodyweight workout at home.

From the evidence so far it seems younger, healthy people should have a strong enough immune system to combat the COVID-19 virus in or outside of the gym. It’s  important to be mindful of the fact that while corona may not be dangerous to you personally, if you catch it, it’s essential to avoid giving it to anyone else, as it could be deadly for them.

You can keep others safe by doing the right thing and self-isolating yourself if you detect any symptoms of the virus. You can still work out at home, with the best home dumbbell workout or the best kettlebell workout for beginners, so your gains don’t have to go away either while you’re confined in your own home.

Still not deterred? Follow the below tips to minimise the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus in the gym (and elsewhere).

IMPORTANT: if you even slightly concerned about your wellbeing, whether it be the coronavirus or any other illness, you should consult a medical professional before you hit the gym or start working out. Under the current circumstances that may not be possible of course, so workout from home instead.


1. Wash your hands often

Washing your hands before and after the workout is important anyway, those weights and machines are being used by hundreds, if not thousands of people and can get pretty dirty. Washing your hands before the session means you add less bacteria to the handles and washing your hands after is great to clean off any dirt that you got in contact with in the gym.

You should also do what those signs say and wipe down the equipment with sterilising spray or wipes after use – to be courteous – and probably before – to be on the safe side.

Also, you can also consider wearing weight lifting gloves in the gym. And although as far as we are concerned, COVID-19 doesn’t spread through sweating, but cough droplets could end up on the handles and machines and not touching them is always a good idea.


2. Avoid the gym in peak hours

Following a workout routine is important as it helps building a habit. Many people have their own routines, for example, most people like going to the gym between 4-7 pm and during this period, gyms are pretty packed, with people literally queuing up for the machines. If I were you, I would avoid going to the gym during this period anyway, but especially in times like these.

If your gym happens to be a 24-hour gym, go early or late, in odd hours before and after the morning/afternoon peak times. Once the dust has settled and the whole virus has hopefully passed, you can get back to queuing up again if you wish.


3. Use a towel and avoid communal facilities

You should use a towel when in the gym in normal times too, let alone when you want to be extra careful not to get infected. We recommend getting a towel that has discernibly different sides so you know which side to press against the pads on the machines.

Regarding the water fountains, in these troublesome times, you’re better off using your own gym water bottle. If you are concerned that you are going to run out of water mid-workout, get a 1-litre bottle, that should see you through, even if you are in the gym for over an hour. Which you won’t be, let’s face it.


4. Put attending classes on hold

One of the best way to get fit is to attend fitness classes where you can work out around other people which said to make you more motivated and help you stay on track with your workout routine. When there is a coronavirus outbreak, though, it’s best not to mingle with people all that much so you might want to lay low for a bit, until at least the virus blows over.

5. Work out at home

Okay, technically this won’t help you getting ripped in the gym but it will help you getting ripped in general. If you are concerned or even worse, show symptoms of the virus, best thing to do is to self-isolate. And if you choose to stay at home and still feel like working out is a good idea, you might as well work out.

All you need is the best home gym equipment, maybe not all of them but some, like a set of modular dumbbells or kettlebells or if you are into cardio, a WaterRower. If you are a cyclist, get a turbo trainer or if you prefer running and have some dosh, a treadmill. Haven’t got much money to burn? Get an ab roller and a set of resistance bands, that can still give you a full body workout.