How To Curb a Binge Using A Great Selection Of Movements

What does yoga have to do with overeating? Controlling your hunger is the toughest task when trying to lose weight. One may restrict his diet and perform an intense workout, but if he is not able to manage binge eating then he would never be able to get into perfect shape. Mindful eating is essential when trying to shed weight.

You might have heard about different types of food items that can help to suppress your appetite, but do you know that certain stretching exercises can also help in it. Yes, this is true. Stretching not only increases the flexibility of your muscles but can also prevent you from emotional eating.

Stretching helps to divert your attention from food. The next time you feel a binge coming on, try this flowing yoga routine. Hold each pose for 3 to 5 breaths, unless otherwise directed.

Warrior II:

Warrior II

How to:

  • Stand tall with feet together.
  • Take a large step to right.
  • Bend right knee into a lunge, right knee over ankle and toes pointing to the right; point left foot forward.
  • Extend arms out to sides.


Side Reach:

Side Reach

How to:

  • From Warrior II, rest the right forearm on the thigh and reach the left arm overhead, lengthening the spine.




How to:

  • From Side Reach, place hands on the floor, one on either side of the right foot.
  • Move right foot back next to left one.
  • Hands should be directly beneath shoulders; body in a straight line from head to heels.


Downward-facing Dog:

Downward-facing Dog

How to:

From Plank, reach hips upward, bending the body into an upside-down V. Press heels toward the floor.




How to:

  • From Downward-Facing Dog, bend knees and lower body to the floor.
  • With hands under shoulders, lift the chest off the floor.
  • Keep shoulders down.
  • Press palms, hips, and tops of feet into the floor.


Repeat Moves 1 through 5:

  • From Cobra, press up onto knees, then feet.
  • Roll up one vertebra at a time so your head comes up last as you stand.
  • Repeat series, lunging to left for Moves 1 and 2.
  • Once you’ve completed all 5 moves, Finish with moves 6 and 7.

Tree Pose:

Tree Pose

How to:

  • Place left foot against right calf or inner thigh, not the knee.
  • Lift rib cage to elongate spine, and bring hands to prayer position.
  • Hold, then repeat with the opposite leg.


Goddess Pose:

Goddess Pose

How to:

  • Lie with soles of feet together and as close to hips as comfortably possible, stretching inner thighs.
  • If this is too intense, straighten your legs.
  • Breathe deeply in this pose for 2 to 5 minutes.