Bodybuilding Exercises For The Legs

Do you have a plan to gain more muscle mass? Your legs are one of the most important muscle groups to train. Bodybuilding exercises for the legs are important for several reasons. Muscular legs look good, that’s for sure, but it also keeps your body in balance when you regularly train your legs.

If you train your upper body to the max and you skip to train your legs, your body is not in balance and it will be bad for your health. The danger is that your legs need to carry the increased weight of your upper body. Your legs should be conditioned to handle that.

 Exercises For The Legs


The intent of bodybuilding is to gain muscle mass. With some sports like running or cycling you won’t gain muscle mass. These sports are good for endurance. You need to keep your focus on exercises that will train your muscles.

To create muscle mass it is very important that you train the legs regularly. It is wise to train the legs at least two times a week. After you trained your legs, it is better to do no other exercises. Training of the legs is very demanding. If you train your legs the right way, you shouldn’t have any more energy to perform other exercises.


Which exercises are most suitable for gaining muscle in the legs? Well, it depends on several factors. Aptitude is very important as that is a factor you can’t influence. Some people have more aptitude than others to gain muscles faster.

 Exercises For The Legs

If you have less aptitude to create more muscle mass, you can still focus on other factors that you can influence, like training, rest and nutrition of interest. To train your legs full force, it is important to perform big and heavy exercises such as the stiff legged deadlift, leg extension, deadlift, squat, lunge and dumbbell squat.


Besides heavy and regularly training, nutrition is also very important. In case you don’t train very heavily, most times it is sufficient to eat healthy. In case you go for a more severe training plan, then it is important to pay special attention to your nutrition. With bodybuilding it is important to eat a diet that will break down fat and increase muscle mass. In addition there are also proteins that you need to help your muscles recover after heavy exercises.