5 Essential Lifts For a Bigger & Thicker Back

For its greatest part, bodybuilding isn’t a game that flexes your brain but the muscles. Only by lifting big and doing a lot of repetitions you can build the much wanted muscle mass. There is no secret to that. When you are a beginner, just starting the bodybuilding experience, your muscles will grow fast no matter how hard you apply yourself in the gym.

However, in time this wonderful world of beginners gains will start to peter out, and the growth of your larger muscle groups – the back muscles in particular – will not be as noticeable as it has been in the beginning. 

Because of this you’ll need to constantly analyze your method of training and try out new compound movements that are known to deliver good results for the back muscles. Although cable and machine training might seem as more fun, it is the heavy lifting exercising that has the best results in this respect.

That is why you should know them and introduce them in your training. We offer you 5 key exercises which will help you build your back muscle, making them hard and strong.

1. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are without any doubt the best exercises for promoting strong and hard back muscles. Before setting out to do deadlifts warm up and put a back brace. This exercise will torch your lower back, making it work hard.

Stick to sets with 4 to 8 reps which target the fast-twitching muscle fibers, ensuring greater muscle growth, and building up your strength. Keep the bar close to your body, and protect your shins with chalk. Take 90 to 180 seconds rest between the sets.

2. Barbell Rows

Barbell rows are not as popular as deadlifts, yet they are just as effective. This exercise is perfect for strengthening the upper back, providing good growth to your muscles. It also targets the shoulders, arms and grip. To avoid injury or straining your muscles, always warm up.

It’s essential that you keep your form to do this exercise correctly, i.e. to hit the back muscles without redirecting the effort to the hips and shoulders.   If the barbell is swinging you are missing to target your back muscles. Keep the reps into the 6 -12 range, with pyramidal scheme where you lift heavier weights for fewer reps in each set.

3. Chin ups

Many beginners tend to take the easy way out choosing lat pulldown machine exercises instead of actual body weight chins. However, the actual exercise is much more effective. At first you may find it difficult, yet by taking it slowly doing controlled reps, you can gradually reach your goal.

Your end goal should be doing 10 to 15 reps, yet even if you can’t do that at the beginning you’re going to set the filed for muscle growth and increased strength, preparing your body for further improvements.

4. Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell rowing is considered as one of the best compound exercises for building up the back muscles and you should not hesitate to include them in your training program. Keep the reps in the 6 to 12 range, and take as much weight as you can working slowly to isolate the back muscles and feel the reps.

Do a pause at the end of each rep feeling the stimulation in your muscle fibers. You should avoid entering into momentum, moving slowly and with control, targeting your back muscles as much as you can.

5. Cable Rowing

This exercise should be performed after you’ve exhausted your back muscles with the previous ones, and once you’re ready to end your workout. Although you might be tired as a dog, you can rely on the machines to provide you with support. All you have to worry about is pulling the cables from different angles to completely drain out your already exhausted muscles and deliver the final punch which will require a week of rest.

As you progress in your bodybuilding workouts going from beginner into an advance lifter, you’re going to do much more cable exercises which deliver the finishing touch and shape the muscles.

In addition to turning to these five movements for building your back, you should also consider the other factors which are essential for true success. One of them is the nutrition, which should consist of at least 5 meals a day that include steaks, potatoes, chicken, pasta, rice, whey etc.

Another important factor are the supplements. Today there are many bodybuilding supplements available at the market. Choose the one that suits your training intensity the best, providing you with much needed energy. In the end, in order to achieve maximum growth you should provide your body with time to recover taking at least 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep each night.