12 Things to Remember About Chest Exercises

I hear so many women say that they do not want to do chest exercises. Woman should do Chest for the following reasons:

* Keep your breasts from sagging.

*Keep your appearance balanced.

*Maintain proper posture. When you do too much back and not enough chest your posture will suffer.

Follow the following guidelines when doing chest exercises:

*Use light to medium weight. Anything too heavy will build bulk.

*Do lots of repetitions.

*Pick a variety of different exercises. Don’t do the same routine over and over again.

*Remember to balance it out with back exercises.

Here are some examples of chest exercises:

*Bench press- lay on the bench whether it is flat, incline or decline. Press dumbbells together at the top and squeeze together when fully extended. You can also use a bar.

*Chest Fly-lay on the bench whether it is flat or incline. Hold light to medium light dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing each other. Extend arms outward to each side. Squeeze together at the top.

*Pectoral fly-done on a machine. Simply grap the handles and squeeze together.

*Cable Cross Over-Adjust the cables to the very top. Step forward with one foot and lean forward so you are at a angle. Pull cables down towards your waist level crossing your wrists.

*Pushups-There are a ton of ways to do push up. You can do them on the wall if you are just beginning or with weights on your back and feet elevated for the advanced. Just be sure to use proper form to prevent injury.

There is absolutely no reason to avoid chest exercises, just be sure to do them in moderation with your other workouts.